We build homes to last

From design considerations to structural integrity, Sorensen Construction builds homes that will meet your present needs, and provide many years of continued satisfaction.

Sorensen Construction utilizes premier building materials and quality craftsmanship, coupled with intelligent design considerations, to ensure your new home may be the last one you ever need to build.

Get the home you want

The biggest single advantage of a new home is the blank canvas it provides – to establish what you want, without the factors you don’t. When working with Sorensen Construction you can draw from our years of understanding the dynamics of what makes homes great and take comfort in our attention to the details. The end result is a home filled with beautiful custom spaces that reflect the unique tastes and comforts of our clients.

Energy efficiency & savings

Advancements in the energy efficiency of windows, doors, appliances and heating/cooling systems coupled with intelligent designs and quality installation combine to give you a well built home from the outset, providing years of savings. Other cost saving considerations include deferred maintenance and less annual maintenance of a well-build new home.